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Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian: Fried chicken complexion olé! – People

Crispy tanned and crunchy to look at!

Grilling à la Kardashian: Take two beautiful sisters, deliciously packaged of course, and place them on a nicely draped sun lounger. Now only turn now and then, just don’t let it burn, and the perfectly tanned Insta beauty is ready!

You can almost get a little jealous when you look at how the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan is currently basking under the California sun. But only almost. After all, the US megastars sweeten the wait for the summer with their photos.

Kim Kardashian (40,215 million followers) and sister Kylie Jenner (23,226 million followers) sometimes pose together.

And the sisters can pose. Like Kylie Jenner, who recently posted a photo of herself in a skimpy crochet bikini in front of a huge pool. Her hands parked under her breasts, Kylie throws her head into her neck and lets the sun shine on her nose, neck and décolleté.

splendid! And probably also wonderfully uncomfortable. At least if a woman sunbathes like this in the long run. It is more likely, however, that Kylie immediately crumbled back to her luxury sun lounger after the snapshot. Since it tans much more relaxed …

Sunbathing with the Kardashian Jenners

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