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Kendall Jenner: Pregnancy confirmed?!

After the baby rumors are regularly fueled, Kendall Jenner now surprisingly speaks to her mother of pregnancy…

Currently, the events in the Kardashian clan are only so overturned: Only recently Kim Kardashian and Kanye West filed for divorce and also the last season of the family reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” is in its final stages. What happens to the family after that? Maybe with a new family member… From Kourtney Kardashian to Kylie Jenner, all her sisters have become mothers, but now Kendall Jenner also hints at a potential pregnancy. After fans want to see more and more signs of this in recent months, in an intimate phone call – which took place during the course of a video shoot for Kourtney’s online magazine “Poosh” – suddenly the words fall “missing period” and “two positive pregnancy tests”. Has Kendall Jenner now also caught the baby fever? We reveal what’s behind it and whether Kris Jenner will soon be back in can hold new grandchild in his arms.

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Does Kendall Jenner confirm her pregnancy?!

The detailed description of their “Scenarios” not only surprises the viewers of the Poosh videos, but also seems so convincing to Kris Jenner that she immediately gives mommy tips. But false alarm: Kendall Jenner is not pregnant. Instead, the model performed a task of the game “Truth or Duty”, which she played with her sister Kourtney in the course of the video. Kendall’s task: to trick Mama Kris on the phone into believing that she is pregnant. Obviously successful, because the head of the family remains calm with the somewhat surprising news. Deeply relaxed, she reveals to her daughter that she has already “dreamed of it before night” and therefore about the baby news alone Look forward “because she is her mother”. Kendall should now just continue to deal with the situation, “as her heart tells her”. Wow, that’s what we call a relaxed approach to the topic! For the 25-year-old, however, this seems to be a little too much: she quickly resolves the situation. Even if the second youngest Kardashian scion is not yet pregnant, it is clear that a sudden baby ball from Kendall quite welcome in the house kardashian-Jenner Would.

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