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Jennifer Aniston’s best hairstyles • WOMAN. at

Who doesn’t know it, the funny sitcom from the 90s about the everyday life of six friends in New York? Friends was so successful that the six main actors to mega-stars
Were. Recently, a reunion episode was even broadcast, one of the biggest TV happenings of 2021 with various star guests (including Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Cindy Crawford and many more), which countless fans had been looking forward to for months. But not only the protagonists themselves became famous, also the style of the series stars then as now attracts great attention and is eagerly copied by people all over the world. Everyone wanted the hair of Rachel actress Jennifer Aniston!
Even if you go to the hairdresser now, more than 20 years later, and want a “Rachel cut”, everyone knows exactly what is meant.

The Rachel

Funnily enough, Jennifer Aniston didn’t like the haircut itself at all. She did not like it, and according to her it was very difficult to get the level hair dryer well without professional help, which is why she was constantly dependent on the help of her hairstylist Chris McMillan. the Allure
She says: “I love Chris, but at the same time he is the Curse of my existence,
because he gave me that damn haircut. What is the best way to say this? I think it’s the ugliest hairstyle I’ve ever seen!”

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The Rachel (c) NBC

Medium-length hair

After the classic Rachel cut, Jennifer Aniston got a simpler hairstyle. That’s how we still know her today: She has been wearing her dark blonde hair smooth and stepped for ages. And Rachel also rocked this look regularly. The light side vertex is the key element of the hairstyle.

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(c) NBC

With banana hair clip

Here Rachel wears an accessory that is currently celebrating its big comeback. In the 90s hypermodern, just a few years ago we all found it terrible, now it’s more popular than ever.
Of course, we are talking about the banana hair clip. Simply twirl the hair, put it on the back of the head and cling to it. And see Rachel, even if strands fall out, the look looks super cool. You can find even more cool hair accessories with which you immediately look top-styled here.

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(c) NBC

Chest length

More length, more steps – we particularly like this Rachel look. Simply because it is so timeless. Long hair just always goes, and the steps give the face a beautiful frame. Did she help with extensions?

Chin Length Bob

We love Rachel’s short Bob yes – Jennifer Aniston, however, was not quite so happy with it. “I really wanted to try something new and agreed for Friends to cut my hair to chin length. But neither my face shape nor my thick hair structure fit this hairstyle. I regretted it for months – until my hair finally had shoulder length again…”

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Clavi Cut

Jen will have been all the happier when her hair was finally a little longer again. Clavi cut is the bob hair length that ends above the collarbone. Actually known as an unpleasant intermediate length, the cool cut can be seen again and again on celebrity hair. Clavi because it comes from the English word “clavicle”, just “collarbone”.

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(c) NBC

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