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Caitlyn Jenner as Governor?: What Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks of it – Politics

Arnold Schwarzenegger was already governor of California, Caitlyn Jenner wants to do the same. photograph: [M] Acepixs / Admedia /

Does Caitlyn Jenner have what it takes to become governor of California? Arnold Schwarzenegger sees good opportunities for this – and the “governor” knows what he is talking about.

Last weekend, Caitlyn Jenner (71) made her official, her candidacy for the office of governor of the US state of California. One person who knows very well what this step requires is actor Arnold Schwarzenegger (73). After all, from 2003 to 2011, he himself was the “governor” of the sunny West Coast state for two terms. In the Zoom conversation with late-night talker Jimmy Kimmel (53), Arnie had some good advice for his “good friend”.

So Jenner has to prepare for headwinds one way or another and regardless of her gender, she prepares Schwarzenegger for strenuous times: “The press will attack you. No matter who you are. They also attacked me.” In the end, only victory counts – and he trusts Jenner to do so. There is simply too much resentment about the incumbent governor of California, Gavin Newsom (53). He was actually elected until 2023, but a so-called recall vote recently ensured that there will be early new elections.

Already a headwind from your own family?

Jenner must make it clear to voters “where she wants to go, what changes she wants to make, and why she is qualified to become governor,” Schwarzenegger said. On the latter point, however, according to the gossip site “TMZ”, not even Jenner’s sons seem to be sure. There they want to have learned from confidants from the environment of the family that both Brody, Brandon and Burt Jenner would not be very enthusiastic about their ambitions.

Although Jenner is a member of the LGBTQ community, she identifies politically with the more conservative Republican Party. In 2016, for example, she joked that she had more trouble coming out as a Republican than as a transsexual.

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