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Billie Eilish reacts to fan criticism of her permissiveness: “Can I go”

Billie Eilish’s fans criticize her for permissive images: This is how the singer reacts

Every time Billie Eilish shares something on her Instagram account with her 87.6 million subscribers, she can expect the post to get a flood of likes and more reactions within seconds. This year, the singer already broke some like records on the image platform. However, the comments of the fans are not always as benevolent as an Insta heart. All too often, the Grammy Award winner is confronted with superficial criticism.

Her recently posted series of three pictures was no exception. In the photos, the “Lost Cause” performer wears a body-hugging corset under which her bra shines out clearly. Billie poses in such a way that her curves are perfectly staged. For many fans, this is still a rather unusual sight, after all, the 19-year-old made sure until a few months ago to wear as wide as possible clothes that covered her body.

Now her attitude to this has obviously changed and many followers do not like it at all. Because many were critical of the way Billie currently presents herself on social media, the artist now expressed herself in very clear words on another platform.

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Billie Eilish takes fan criticism with humor

“Where is old Billie Eilish who doesn’t want to show her body? Please, I like old Billie much better”, one of the commentators noted among the pictures on Instagram. One even accused the American of a sales-promoting scam behind the snapshots:

Also on Tiktok, the photos of Billie are hotly debated – and here too, some fans want the Billie of 2020 back.

The stage star now ironically took up the criticism in a Tiktok clip. In the short video, Billie can be seen shaking her head in disbelief and writing: “Is that just me thinking, or has Billie arrived in her flop era? Why is she just annoying now?”

Billie Eilish deals humorously with criticism from her fans. Image: Screenshot / Tiktok / billieeilish


In the commentary on this, it is only clear what she is allulating to exactly. Their reaction to the critical voices was rigorous: “That’s literally all I read about myself on this app. You can see me, my breasts are bigger than yours”, she joked.

“I don’t reveal anything”

A large part of Billie’s fan base certainly does not feel addressed by this. Some have already noted how unfavorable the Instagram comments under their posts have become – and condemned this in the strongest possible terms: “She’s an icon and she can do whatever she wants and show herself the way she wants”, was an opinion on it.

How little Billie actually deals with what the social media world thinks about her, she revealed in an interview with “Rolling Stone” last June – because her fans have the feeling that they know her well, but in reality they don’t: “Whenever I see something about myself on the net, it reminds me how little people know about me. I don’t reveal anything”, she explained.

“I have a loud personality and that makes people think they know me, but they don’t do that at all,” Billie said. What should the public know about them? “That I can sing. That I am a woman. That I have a personality”, she then summarized.


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