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Petra Jenner in conversation with Judith Williams about her career advancement

Many of my job and family are not compatible. But there are individual cases where the women make it. “What would be your advice?” Judith wants to know from Petra Jenner. “I think we women ask ourselves far too often if we are good enough. I think the younger women don’t ask themselves this question at all, they demand their place. I think the times are better than ever in the world of work, as a woman as well as a man, to have a good career if you want to and have the qualifications to do so.”

“And how do you see the compatibility of work and family? Is this something that employers have to solve?”, is a question that further interests Judith. For Petra Jenner, this is a huge issue: “On the one hand, this has to be addressed politically, but companies also have to face it,” she says. In America, much more is already happening in this area. “Companies must offer this opportunity, which means that women must also be encouraged to come back. That means we have to make sure that we create flexible working environments, flexible working hours.” And she is of the opinion anyway: “Even today, it is impossible to imagine this topic without it. Flexible working hours, sometimes a mixture of place of work, that you can work from home or from the office – regardless of Covid – I believe these are basic requirements to make this possible.”

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