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Old photos make fans freak out

Kylie Jenner, are you really?

In the reunion show for the last season of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, Kylie Jenner just revealed that she got Lip Filler for the first time at the time of 17. The reason: A cuddling trauma after she found herself “unccursable” with her supposedly too narrow lips. Now, however, her fans are freaking out because old recordings of Kylie have surfaced. These suggest that the now 23-year-old has not only “optimized” her lips over time, as we show in the video.

KUWTK fans find that Kylie’s face looks “like plastic”

The photo review begins in 2011, when Kylie Jenner is only 13 years old and still looks completely natural. Her followers are shocked by the transformation since then. “She looks so young back then! Now she looks like a woman in her late forties,” “She should never have had anything done!” or “That’s not the same person?” is written in the comments to the TikTok video, which summarizes Kylie’s optical time travel.

During the broadcast of the “KUWTK” reunion show, many Kardashian-Jenner fans had already blasphemed that Kylie’s face looks “like plastic”.

In the show, by the way, not only Kylie admitted that she had something done to her. Khloé Kardashian also revealed that she once put herself under the knife. She had her nose straightened. But really only the nose! Okay, and maybe a few more injections to the face. But please no more Botox, to which she has “reacted terribly”. Would that finally be clarified. (csp)

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