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Lip fillers because she found herself “uncultatable” in her youth

Kylie’s kisses were great, but her lips too narrow

Some words you never forget. Kylie Jenner (23) reveals on “The Final Curtain” of the reunion show at the end of the series of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” why she started with lip fillers at the age of 17. The reason for this is a traumatic cuddling experience with a boy.

“I took this very much to heart”

Kylie, who is currently celebrating a love comeback with her ex Travis Scott, admits on the show that her love of makeup began with her feeling insecure about her lips. She felt “uncküsbar” as a teenager. It was the fault of a boy with whom Kylie cuddled around. “He said to me, ‘Oh, my God, you’re such a great kisser, but you have such narrow lips,’ or something like that.”

From that moment on, Kylie struggled with her lips and no longer felt desirable. She had never thought about whether her lips could be too narrow. “I took it very much to heart,” she recalls.

When the lip liner no longer helped, the lip filler had to run

At first, Kylie tried to hide her alleged “flaw” with make-up tricks. “I wanted so much fuller lips. I exaggerated the contours with the lip liner to at least create the illusion,” she recalls. Eventually, however, she had come to the point where the lip liner was no longer enough and the lip filler had to be made.

Today, Kylie can laugh – with full lips – about the former Knutsch trauma. In an interview with Andy Cohen, she jokes that she can name one of the lipstick sets of her own cosmetics brand after the bad boys of that time. That would be a really nice way of coping with trauma. (csp)


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