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Kylie Jenner: Daughter Stormi makes a huge mess with sunscreen

The main thing is that Stormi’s doll does not get sunburned

Sun protection is important and no one should leave the house without, advise dermatologists and beauticians. Kylie Jenner’s (23) daughter Stormi has apparently also taken this to heart. So that her doll does not suffer from premature skin aging or sunburn, the three-year-old lubricates her thoroughly with sunscreen. Maybe a little too thorough. We show all the mess and Mama Kylie’s reaction in the video.

Kylie Jenner could have done without this first time

While other mothers usually only become sentimental when their offspring become fledged, Kylie Jenner came to tears on Stormi’s third birthday. “I’m crying today because I can’t stop time. It’s all the little things I miss: your sweet voice or our conversations on the potty. Seeing how you experience so many first times have been the best moments of recent years,” she wrote emotionally on Instagram on February 1.

Organize a huge smear with sunscreen? Kylie might have been able to do without this first time from Stormi. (csp)


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