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Persona celebrates 25th anniversary: ​​does the site anticipate new games?

On September 20 this year, the Persona franchise will blow out its 25th candle. To celebrate the birth of the series with the publication of Megami Ibunroku Persona in Japan in 1996, Atlus has opened a new site full of goodies and intriguing details for fans. To begin with, on the home page of Persona’s 25th-anniversary site there are seven television screens that read “Coming Soon”. In other words, seven different announcements related to the franchise await us. The first of them gives us an appointment in September of this year, while the last one in the autumn of 2022, this means that this initiative will go on for quite some time. Don’t expect the announcement of seven games, but maybe at least a couple of them could escape us. The hypothesis arises from the analysis of another page of the official Persona website, the one dedicated to merchandise, where you can see a postcard of a character and two darkened acrylic posters not yet ready to be shown. Are they associated with one or more new Persona episodes? Among these could also include a mobile game presented by Perfect World Entertainment as Code Name: X, but which seems to belong to the Persona series. One thing is certain: very interesting months are promising and full of news for all fans of Persona.



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