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Final Fantasy 14 is so popular that even the digital version has sold out

Usually, the popularity of MMORPGs grows in conjunction with the release of new expansions. However, Final Fantasy 14 seems to escape this unwritten rule, since it is seeing its users grow enormously despite the fact that there are still several months to go until the launch of Endwalker. Endwalker launch there is so much desire for Final Fantasy 14 that Square Enix is ​​having difficulty meeting the requests for activation codes. It seems absurd, but yesterday the Complete Edition (an edition including the base game and the expansions published to date) could not be purchased digitally either in the PC version or in the PS4 version. Instead of the “Add to Cart” button, there was one that sent players to a waiting list, one that is usually created to satisfy requests for highly sought-after physical products. It is very unusual to see a digital edition sold-out, given that the codes, after all, are endless. So it’s possible that these limitations had to do with server capacity – perhaps Square Enix wasn’t ready to welcome so many players in a short time. This sudden surge in popularity may have been largely fueled by Asmongold, who recently abandoned World of Warcraft to play Final Fantasy 14 and prompted many of his followers (he has more than 2 million on Twitch) to do the same. In any case, it appears that the situation has now returned to normal: Final Fantasy 14 Complete Edition can be safely purchased digitally on the official Square Enix store, in all its versions. We take this opportunity to remind you that the next big expansion of Final Fantasy 14, Endwalker, will be released on November 23, 2021. In the meantime, you can already download the Endwalker Benchmark on PC.



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