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Abandoned: revealed the date on which the preload of the app with the trailer will begin

A few days ago, the presence of the Abandoned app was noticed inside the PlayStation Store: apparently, it was not a mistake, since a few hours ago, through an update entrusted to the PlayStation 5 dashboard, Blue Box Games has announced that the preload of the application will begin this month. As you can read on the PlayStation Store, the preload of the Abandoned app will begin on July 29, a date in line with the previous statements of the studio which, after several postponements, had fixed its actual availability in August. The size of the application is not officially known, but according to the information found in the database should be around 1.8 GB. We’ll see. In case you missed it during the long telenovela of the past few weeks, this app will act as a container for the presentation trailer of the mysterious Abandoned, a survival horror announced exclusively for PlayStation 5 and which for a series of coincidences (and cunning statements from part of the developers) was compared to Hideo Kojima and identified as a new Silent Hill . The authors, in the end, have distanced themselves from these rumors, but the curiosity towards Abandoned is far from waning.



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