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Dark Souls 3 now at 60fps on Xbox Series X | S: FPS Boost for FromSoftware game

While waiting to be able to test the gameplay features of Elden Ring first hand, fans of FromSoftware productions can consider a leap into the recent past. To tease the players is a welcome announcement from the Microsoft home team. Through the Tweet that you find directly at the bottom of this news, the verdecrociato universe confirms that it has enabled the FPS Boost for Dark Souls III. As known, the Xbox Series X | S feature is able to increase the performance for titles of previous videogame generations. The FPS Boost, as you can guess from the name, specifically focuses its efforts on the framerate front, so as to retroactively offer a more fluid gaming experience.

In continuous expansion, the selection of games that have benefited from the FPS Boost on Xbox Series X | S, therefore, welcomes now tooDark Souls III, the final chapter of the trilogy that began with Dark Souls. As a result, the Action RPG now supports 60fps on the latest Microsoft consoles. However, the resolution proposed by the title remains unchanged.

After the popular parenthesis represented by Bloodborne, Dark Souls III marked a return to the dark medieval settings, traditionally part of FromSoftware’s ten-year history , which, however, was also accompanied by the reception of some gameplay dynamics that began with the adventure of the Hunters.



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