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Ni no Kuni, Fantasy Life and Professor Layton: the authors hire for a new RPG

Already in December last year, the President of the famous Japanese company, Akihiro Hino, had confirmed major Level-5 projects for 2021. Now, an update comes from the development team, who have announced that they have started work on a new RPG. On the pages of its official website, Level-5 also confirms that it is looking for additional staff, so as to accelerate the production rate of its next production. The professional figures at the center of the new team expansion process are many: it ranges from game directors to animators, through programmers, designers, and testers. Unfortunately, it is not possible for the moment to draw too much information from the requisites indicated in the individual descriptions of the job positions. The only clue could perhaps derive from the desire to privilege, on the programming front, professionals with experience in the management of server infrastructures. This circumstance could signal the desire to introduce a multiplayer sector in the new GDR.

For now, there is nothing left to do but wait for new communications, the IPs that Level-5 has worked on over the years are many, from the long-lived Professor Layton and Inazuma to Yo-Kai Watch, passing through the appreciated Ni no Kuni and Fantasy Life. Recently, many of these series have found a mobile incarnation, including the adventure of Oliver and Lucciconio, continued with Ni no Kuni II and the successful launch of Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds.



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