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Returnal is updated: patch 1.4.1 also intervenes on the corruption of save games

About two weeks after the Returnal 1.4 update, the Housemarque team makes the 1.4.1 patch for the roguelike with a sci-fi atmosphere available on PlayStation 5. The update, specifies the software house, can be installed starting from 11:00 today, Monday 5 July. In communicating the debut time, the Finnish team reminds players that, in the event that you have chosen to enable automatic updates on PS5, Returnal will close by default any game in progress to update itself, even with the console in rest mode. On the content front of patch 1.4.1, Housemarque intervened on Selene’s adventure with some fixes. Among the latter, a modification aimed at avoiding the corruption of bailouts that occurred in certain circumscribed circumstances stands out in particular. Several interventions then concerned the Daily Challenges, solving some problems related to the completion of missions in the Fractured Wastes area and to the spawn of rewards. In addition, after installing the update, it will be possible to unlock the Trophies ” Atropian Survival “, ” Welcome Home “, and ” Sins of the Mother.” replaying Act 3 of Returnal.



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