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Nintendo Switch: new firmware 12.1.0 available for download, news

A little less than a month after the launch of the controversial Nintendo Switch Firmware 12.0.3, which created more than a headache for gamers, the Kyoto house has officially made the new Firmware 12.1.0 available for download: let’s discover together the novelties declared. The new Nintendo Switch Firmware 12.1.0 has introduced a new system feature for all users: if there is not enough space on the internal memory or on the MicroSD card when downloading a game update, it is now possible to cancel old data from that software to make room for new ones. Once the old data is deleted, the game cannot be started until the new data has been completely downloaded. In addition to this functionality, Nintendo declares some general interventions to the stability of the system that aims at improving the user experience. This new update has already been made available to all players, so it will be downloaded automatically when the next Nintendo Switch is turned on. If it does not start, you can force the download of the data by going to the console settings, in the “System” menu, and selecting “Console update”.Together with the new system update, Nintendo has also made available a firmware update for the Joy-Con, which needs to be downloaded manually: to do this, you must select “System Settings”, enter the “Controller and sensors” menu, and finally select “Update controllers”. To update the software, the controllers must obviously be synchronized with the console and turned on.



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