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Record-breaking Final Fantasy 14 on Steam, thanks to streamer Asmongold?

Many years have passed since its release (and its subsequent rebirth), but Final Fantasy 14 never goes out of style. Indeed, it continues to grow, as evidenced by recent data that the MMORPG has recorded on Steam. In the last 24 hours Final, Fantasy 14 reached a peak of 47,542 concurrently connected players on Steam, setting a new record. The previous one amounted to 41,200 players, a figure dating back to June 2019, the month in which the Shadowbringers expansion was launched. The surprising thing is that nothing new has been released this time (the next expansion, Endwalker, won’t be released until November). The sudden increase in players, therefore, seems to be due to the recent moves of the popular streamer Asmongold who, disappointed by the recent developments in World of Warcraft, decided to temporarily abandon Blizzard’s MMORPG to devote himself to Final Fantasy 14. Evidently, his loyal followers (over two million on Twitch) followed quickly, as the spike in connected players was recorded just a day after the first Final Fantasy 14 stream aired. Square Enix, meanwhile, continues on its way. The future of the game looks decidedly rosy: after the PS5 update in May and the patch 5.57 in June, the Make It Rain campaign (July), the patch 5.58 (by August), the Moonfire Faire and The events are also expected soon. Rising, and the return of the collaboration with Final Fantasy XV (September). All this in preparation for the launch of the Endwalker expansion , set for November 23, 2021.



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