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Phil Spencer: Xbox is a healthy business, Microsoft aims to engage the public

Phil Spencer is the protagonist of the latest episode of IGN Unlocked and on this occasion, the head of the Xbox division spoke, among other things, about the metrics taken into consideration by Microsoft to assess the health of the video game business. Spencer was very clearly pointing out that Microsoft’s main goal is no longer to sell hardware or retail games but to focus everything on player involvement.” We evaluate the success of Xbox and our services based on the number of active users. Were we able to engage players, bring them to our platform and make them play more often? Are these the analyzes we carry out and from our data, the business is certainly healthy? Do people play on Xbox? Yes, and that shows that our business is winning. “The face of Xbox then underlines the retail sale of hardware and software is certainly important but no longer represents the main focus of the company since thanks to the Cloud and the Game Pass it is possible to reach millions of players regardless of whether they own or not. an Xbox console. New Xbox hardware is in development, as confirmed by Spencer himself, but there will be no mid-gen versions of the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S anytime soon.



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