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GTA 5 receives FidelityFX Super Resolution with a mod: the result is amazing

During the launch of FidelityFX Super Resolution, AMD involved some partner studios in the development of FSR including Luminous, working on Forspoken for PC and PS5, and the developers of The Riftbreaker, for some hot comments on this new upscaling technology. The first judgments were overall positive and even our test of FSR highlighted its potential, but what most of all caught our attention was that set of voices in unison that praised the speed of implementation. An element that could prove to be crucial for the future of this technique. Today finally arrives the first, curious practical example of what the developers said. A Reddit user and modder, aka NarutoUA, has seen fit to implement FSR within GTA5 to verify both these claims and the goodness of this upscaling method. Assuming that we do not recommend downloading unverified material from the net, we will limit ourselves to commenting on the evidence shown in the opening video. A particularly curious aspect of this story concerns the ways in which the modder came into possession of the necessary libraries. Currently, in fact, AMD has not yet released the technology code, so to obtain it was necessary to extract the DLLs from one of the already compatible titles. The passionate modder has succeeded brilliantly in his goal, going to completely replace the game engine upscales with the one proposed by AMD. In the short footage we can clearly appreciate how, without any drop in the framerate, FSR is able to return a sharper image than the Scaler of the Rockstar Games title thanks to the integrated sharpener that replaces FidelityFX CAS. Clearly, the workflow necessary for the official implementation is longer and more laborious, but this short experiment clearly demonstrates that AMD has succeeded in its main intent, which is to make this method open, compatible, and easy to adopt.




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