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Death Stranding, Abandoned and PS Experience: Kojima’s cryptic messages return

Despite the most recent evolutions of the “Blue Box Game Studios case”, with the indefinite postponement of the Abandoned gameplay reveal, there are still those who try to trace a link between the mysterious production and Hideo Kojima. In the last few hours, the Game Director has returned to occupy social networks with cryptic messages, aimed at arousing the curiosity of fans, in full Kojima tradition. One of these stars the soundtrack of Last and First Men, an Icelandic film inspired by the 1930s science fiction novel of the same name and premiered in theaters in February last year. The shot, which you can see at the bottom, is accompanied by a simple message ” Planning “, to which Hermen Hulst, head of Sony’s PlayStation Studios promptly replied.

Intrigued, the community quickly started looking for information on the feature film, to the point of drawing an intriguing, but probably too daring parallel. In fact, there are those who have highlighted a strong stylistic similarity between the Last and First Men teaser trailer and the Abandoned teaser trailer, even suggesting the inclusion of very similar environmental effects.

At the same time, Hideo Kojima seems to be currently working on the editing of a new trailer. The teaser is accompanied by a second image, in which we find a post-it with peculiar content. The most reasonable option is for the author to be busy preparing a new trailer for Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, whose definitive reveal shouldn’t be too far away.

Meanwhile, Sony also enjoys teasing the audience, with teasers for a new PlayStation Showcase .



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