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Record Nintendo Switch: 84 million units sold and 580 million games

It’s time for new financial assessments at Nintendo, with the company has published an interesting report that photographs its current position on the gaming market. The data shared by the Kyoto giant confirm record performance for Nintendo Switch. As of March 2021, there are officially 84.59 million consoles sold all over the world, alongside 587.12 million games. In the course of the fiscal year 2020 alone (1 April 2020 – 31 March 2021), in particular, 28.83 million Nintendo Switches and 230.88 million games were sold. In the twelve months considered, Nintendo generated profits of 1,758.9 billion yen: of these, 1,666.4 billion are related to the Nintendo Switch market. About 57 billion yen are profits deriving from mobile securities or other revenues related to Nintendo IPs, while 1.7 billion yen derive from other sectors, such as trading cards.

A short distance from Nintendo Direct of E3 2021 , the Japanese company is therefore in perfect shape, with a total of 6,574 employees worldwide and 27 subsidiaries. Most of the profits are generated in the Americas, which alone account for over 40% of the Nintendo market. Europe and Japan follow, with 25% respectively and 22.6%. However, most of the Big N human resources remain employed in Japan, with nearly 2,500 employees, but with only 487 women. Nintendo America follows, with 1,256 employees, including 36.5% women.

Meanwhile, rumors continue about a possible global launch of the Nintendo Switch Pro in 2022.



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