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Halo Infinite, a former modder on board the team: from MCC in VR to hiring!

It is not uncommon for particularly skilled video game fans to attract the attention of professional developers with their creations. It is much less common to see these independent talents being hired by a large software house! And this is exactly what happened to a skilled Modder, who in recent years had dabbled in the conversion of traditional titles into experiences to be lived in Virtual Reality. Active on the net as “Nibre”, the user had over time created, in particular, MotherVR, a Mod entirely dedicated to Alien Isolation. With the latter, the acclaimed Xenomorph-themed horror was transformed on PC into an even more disturbing adventure, to be experienced in first-person via the VR viewer.

After the success of the latter, Nibre moved on to devote himself to Halo: The Master Chief Collection. In this case, his purpose was even more ambitious, with the desire to convert the entire collection into a VR experience. After showing a first glimpse of the work done, the Modder has however disappeared from the radar, no longer offering updates on the status of the work. Well, they are unlikely to come in the future, as Nibre has been hired as an engineer at none other than 343 Industries! Currently working on Halo: Infinite, the Xbox team must have been impressed with the Modder’s talent and passion to the point of contacting him with a hiring proposal. With the next update of the collection, 343 Industries will expand support for Mods for Halo: The Master Chief Collection: who knows that this does not bring with it the sighting of new talent!



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