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Gamelife presents Buyback, sell your used games online, here’s how it works

Gamelife wants to change the rules of the (used) game by proposing a new system for the purchase and withdrawal of second-hand video games. With the Buyback initiative, it will no longer be necessary to go to the store to bring back your used equipment but you can carry out the entire procedure online, without leaving home. The operation is very simple, just browse the Gamelife website and search for the video games, consoles, or accessories you want to sell, open the product pages and click on the green “Sell your used” button, you will have to repeat this procedure for each individual. item and once finished, just click on the Used for Sale cart to go to checkout. The evaluation of the game is well indicated next to the button and is in no way tractable. Let’s take a simple example: do you have two games to sell? Let’s assume that these are Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart and FIFA 21, from the Gamelife website home page search for the two games (by title or barcode) and then click on the Sell your used button in green to add them to the cart. At this point, simply select the item Go to Checkout to have a general recap of all the items in the ” Used to sell ” cart before proceeding further you must select the preferred refund method between credit to spend from Gamelife or cash payment (by bank transfer bank), in this case, you will receive 70% of the total evaluation while with the credit option you will get 100% of the value of your users to spend comfortably on the Gamelife eCommerce.

The procedure is very simple and fast, during the checkout you will be given the address to which to ship the products (the costs are borne by the customer who sells their games) , Gamelife undertakes to evaluate and liquidate your used product within five days upon receipt of the package, the refund will be immediate. If one or more items are not considered suitable, they will be returned to the customer. If you have any questions, you can contact Gamelife customer support by phone or by filling out this form.
GAME LIFE BUYBACK LAUNCH OFFERFrom Tuesday 29 June and for the next two weeks (until 18 July) all those who choose to receive a credit via cash on bank transfer will also get 100% of the total evaluation, without the 30% reduction normally applied for this method of payment. accreditation. The promotion is valid only for a limited period, 14 days from today, once the offer has ended it will be possible to receive 100% of the evaluation only by choosing the credit option to spend on the Gamelife website.



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