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PS1, what performances for launch games? Digital Foundry’s journey into the past

While Sony’s strategy for the future is progressively outlined , between PS5, opening up to the PC and new IPs , it is always pleasant to take a journey into the past as well.And in particular, the Digital Foundry editors recently directed their gaze to 1994 , the debut year of the first PlayStation in Japan . In a very rich video, which you can find directly at the opening of this news, the videogame analysis team retraced the nature of the debut line-up of the first Sony home console. Numerous hardware launch titles , each of which has been analyzed in detail by Digital Foundry . Below, the retro productions that made their debut on CD in 1994, distinguishing themselves from the realm of cartridges that still dominated the home console market of the time:

  • Ridge Racer;
  • Gokujyou Parodius Da! Deluxe Pack ;
  • TAMA: Adventurous Ball in Giddy Labyrinth ;
  • Crime Crackers ;
  • An IV Evolution ;
  • Nekketsu Oyako ;
  • Mahjong Madness ;

The special dedicated to the history of PS1 made by Digital Foundry also won the attention of Shuhei Yoshida himself, who commented on the video production on Twitter. Between an appreciation and the other, the Sony executive recalled how he was involved at the time of the launch of many of these titles, to which King’s Field, the first game by FromSoftware, debuted on PS1 a few months later, should also be added. the Day One of the console.



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