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No More Heroes 3, violent combo in action: new gameplay for the exclusive Nintendo

On the occasion of E3 2021, Travis Touchdown is back in action in a rich gameplay video of No More Heroes III, broadcast on the occasion of Nintendo Treehouse Live. Shortly after the appointment, the next chapter of the saga signed by Suda 51 returns to present itself to the public in a short movie. Available directly at the opening of this news, the video highlights the lethal potential of the now-iconic Beam Katana, the shining weapon wielded by the protagonist. Between aggressive and violent combos, Travis Touchdown’s fighting style does not seem to be able to leave any escape for the opponents, defeated by the hitman’s lightsaber. Soon, players will be able to venture within the confines of this bizarre new epic developed by Suda 51. The launch date of No More Heroes III, we remember, is in fact set for two months, with Day One scheduled for the day of 27 August 2021. Exactly as in the case of the predecessors, the third chapter will also be available exclusively on the hardware of the great N, with No More Heroes III destined to land on the Nintendo Switch only, simultaneously on all markets.

Pending the release, a further trailer retraced the history of No More Heroes and No More Heroes II.



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