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Nintendo Switch PRO: new rumors from China, global launch in 2022?

new rumor on Nintendo Switch PRO would suggest the launch of the console in 2022 and not at the end of this year as initially stated by various insiders and leakers, who spoke of a debut scheduled between September and November 2021.

According to the managers of SwitchUP (a British YouTube channel with over 180,000 subscribers), in reality, things would not be so and they cite as a source various people involved in the production chain in China. There are currently various Chinese companies working on accessories and components for the new Nintendo console ” arriving on the global market in 2022 “, these seem to be the words quoted by the (anonymous) sources involved in the leak.

We do not know if what is reported is reliable or not, so we invite you to take this news as an unconfirmed rumor. It is true that there has always been talking of a possible debut of Nintendo Switch PRO together with The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 and Link’s new adventure will only be released next year, maybe it is a coincidence, or not. ..

Nintendo Switch PRO was not seen at E3 in Los Angeles and no announcement has come, despite the many rumors that have emerged in recent weeks. Who knows that Nintendo cannot surprise us and launch the new Switch by the end of the year.

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