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Near dies of suicide: the author of the Super Nintendo emulation systems has died

Known for making the best game emulation systems in Super Nintendo history, the programmer known online as ” Near ” (formerly “Byuu”) passed away. Known for having modeled programs such bsnes, Michigan and are, the author and took his own life on Sunday 27 June 2021. To create the top concerns on his fate was initially a long series of messages appeared on Twitter account by Near. In the latter, the programmer retraced a complex life, studded with continuous episodes of bullying, persecution, and attacks against him.In particular, it says, the situation would have worsened following his becoming the object of persecution within KiwiFarms, an obscure online reality on whose pages a toxic community coordinates to identify new victims. Already mentioned in the past in cases of suicide, the latter engages in massive trolling and cyberbullying actions, which can sometimes even lead to cases of persecution in the real world. Exhausted by the constant attacks, which resulted in deep depression and constant panic attacks, Near finally made the decision to take his own life. To break the news, Kotaku reports is Hector Martin, a well-known cybersecurity consultant, who shared a message from a mutual friend between him and Near.

We remind you that in Italy there are many listening associations, active in the field of suicide prevention and which offer support services even anonymously. Among the many, we can mention Telefono Amico.



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