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Windows 11, will it be possible to install APK files for Android apps?

The Windows 11 announcement caught the attention of the tech world. Among the news related to the OS, we find support for Android applications. There are therefore not a few who are wondering if it will be possible to install APK files on Windows 11. Well, in the last few hours important information has arrived in this regard.

In fact, according to what Gizmodo reported, Microsoft engineer Miguel de Icaza explained on Twitter that it will be possible to sideload apps, avoiding having to go through the Amazon Appstore, which we remember will be the official digital store for the Android software on Windows 11. For the uninitiated, the Amazon Appstore can be downloaded freely on any Android device, as we explained in the guide on alternatives to the Play Store (which we had created due to the ban immediately from Huawei by the States United States of America).

However, beware: it has already been announced that there will be restrictions on the Amazon Appstore. In fact, as we have already told you in the post-conference in-depth analysis, it will not be possible to use applications that depend on Google services (as happens, for example, on the devices of the Amazon Fire range ). Also, not all apps on the Amazon Appstore will be available on Windows 11, as developers will have to “work” to publish their software for Microsoft’s operating system. Put simply, initially only a selection of applications will be available.

We, therefore, do not know if it will actually be possible to install all the apps via APK (we imagine that there will be various limitations, for example relating to Google services). In short, the question mark in the title is “a must” in this case, as it is good to wait for further confirmation from Microsoft.

For the rest, remember that behind the functioning of the Android apps on Windows 11 there is the Intel Bridge technology (which will also work on AMD).



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