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UFO, the expected US government report is available: here are the highlights

In this period there is great attention around UFOs. In fact, the US government is analyzing the data in its possession to better understand this phenomenon.

In particular, according to what was reported by Engadget and SlashGear, the US government agency ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence) has published an official nine-page document. The “title” of the latter is: ” Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena ” ( ” Preliminary assessment: unidentified aerial phenomena “).

It is therefore a report that, as you can well imagine, cannot necessarily answer the “age-old” questions that people ask themselves about UFOs. In short, the document must be analyzed with your feet “firmly on the ground” and simply provides information on the unidentified aerial phenomena, based on what “collected” by the ODNI in almost two decades of sightings.

144 reports from 2004 to 2021 are taken into consideration by the government agency. However, the ODNI reports that there are 18 cases in which the sightings are “unclear”. Put simply, the government agency fails to explain the unusual behaviors seen in some unidentified aerial phenomena. It refers, for example, to movements against the wind, sudden maneuvers, and high speeds. However, the ODNI states that most of the reports describe these phenomena as relating to military activities.

For the moment, therefore, the ODNI has limited itself to stating that there is not enough evidence to prove either the use of any foreign technology (for example by China and Russia) or extraterrestrial. However, the analysis of the reports will clearly continue and the government agency has reserved the right to provide periodic updates, starting from the next 90 days.

A more in-depth analysis will take place in collaboration with other government agencies and there is a willingness to also focus on alternative approaches, for example, the use of machine learning algorithms. For the rest, the ODNI has divided the reports into five categories: “aerial disorder”, “natural phenomenon”, “technology developed by the United States of America”, “secret technology developed by other countries” and “other”.



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