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Summer nail fashion: Kylie Jenner’s bubble nail art and colored french (PHOTO)

Among the trendy manicures in this hot summer 2021, you can opt for the stiletto nails sported by Arisa and the bubble nail art by Kylie Jenner

This is the right time to discover many new nail art. In particular, the nails sported with great ease by celebrities are in trend. That’s right, even the latter can’t resist and choose many shades to paint their nails. All these nail art are the real stars of this summer 2021, let’s discover the most beautiful ones to copy and show off.

New nail art summer 2021: fantastic colored French by Heidi Klum

Celebrities are always the first to launch new trends and therefore their proposals are absolutely not to be missed. The nails can have many shapes and lengths: then you can achieve those stiletto, round, square, or a dancer. It should be remembered that before making a new nail art you must proceed with cleaning the nail, so be careful!

Kylie Jenner has been opting for bubble nail art lately. This proposal turns out to be very fresh and cheeky, perfect for the summer season. Instead, Heidi Klum has created a colorful and different French manicure on each nail: in this case, the base is nude, for a very original final result.

Nail trends for the summer

Selena Gomez has chosen to apply a very delicate polish on her nails, more precisely she opted for pastel blue: this shade is ideal on medium-length nails. Arisa has been sporting stiletto nails for a long time and the characteristic of the latter is the extreme length. With the manicure in question, you can play a lot with the contrasts between applications and colors, as obviously the singer does.

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The nails to copy continue

Even Lizzo has realized the nails in stiletto and has opted for a finish metal and mirror. This proposal gives an original look, perfect for not going unnoticed. Singer Miss Keta has created a very special fantasy nail art and this is ideal for having a very fresh style. Instead, rapper Cardi B sports long, fluo green nails.

Even Chiara Ferragni has opted for the latter hue that appears to be very bright and particularly brilliant. It should be remembered that for nail art to be successful, nails must always be very neat and perfect. The color of the fingernail polish can be the same as that of the toenails or you can also choose different shades. All these proposals can also be made at home and always using suitable products. The best time to show off new manicures has arrived!



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