Sri Lanka towards an unprecedented environmental disaster

In recent days, over 130 marine animals have been found lifeless on the Indian Ocean beaches, since the MV X-Press caught fire, before partially sinking off the coast after two weeks of effort.

The Sri Lankan government believes the marine life specimens were killed by the tons of chemicals and plastics that leaked from the ship.

” At least 115 turtle carcasses have been found along the west coast in recent days, not to mention that so far we have also collected the poor remains of 15 dolphins and five whales, including a blue whale found off the Jaffna Peninsula, 400 km away. north of Colombo, “a wildlife official told AFP.

huge school of fish also fell victim to Hikkaduwa, a southern tourist resort known for its rich coral reefs.

The Singapore-registered MV X-Press was carrying 81 containers of hazardous chemicals, including 25 tons of nitric acid.

During the restoration of the contaminated areas, approximately 1,200 tons of plastic and other debris that covered the beaches were collected and stored in 45 containers.

Sri Lanka has asked for $ 40 million in damages from the operators of the offending ship, with a criminal investigation already initiated by the local police, against the captain, the chief engineer, and other crew members. Furthermore, environmentalists have also sued the government and owners for failing to prevent the disaster.

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