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Sometimes they come back: Angelina Jolie spotted in front of an ex’s apartment

He, she, and … alcohol! Whether it was a present or the protagonist of a candlelit dinner is not known, but Angelina Jolie certainly showed up in front of the house of ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller with a bottle of wine in her hand.

Courses and historical recourses said the philosopher Vico, “sometimes they come back” says Stephen King in his successful book, and whoever denies it can only be someone who has never thought about their past flames. Angelina Jolie also seems to approve of all these claims, just now that she has been spotted walking out of an ex-husband’s apartment with a bottle of wine in her hand. But it’s not about Brad.

We all thought that the most admired couple in cinema could reunite, but no, because few people remember that, before Brad Pitt, Angelina got married to Jonny Lee Miller, none other than Trainspotting’s Sick Boy: rewind all ‘the year 1995 when, between the hair of dubious taste and low-waisted jeans, Angelina and Jonny fell in love on the set of Hackers, losing their minds for each other to the point of swearing eternal love after only six months.

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The ceremony was as particular as their story: only two participants in the rite, her mother and a friend of him, and instead of the traditional white dress, Angelina chose to wear black leather pants combined with a t-shirt bearing her name. of the beloved, written in his own blood. A Lara Croft ante litteram, an unreachable and enviable nonconformist. The marriage collapsed after only a year, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of the couple’s fans who, however, remained on good terms, but tied to other loves. And now that I’m single?

Angelina Jolie ex: the actress spotted leaving the house of an old love

Time has passed, water under the bridge as well, not to mention the fashion trends that have followed in the 20 years that separated Angelina from Jonny: yet, always impeccable on every occasion, Angie looked beautiful in front of the ex-husband’s apartment, wearing a beige trench coat and a white Louis Vuitton handbag on his shoulder, while in his right hand he held the bottle of wine. Was it alcohol? The mystery remained enclosed within the four walls of the Brooklyn house but fans like to dream.

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