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Sex/Life on Netflix: what is this Fifty Shades of Gray series?

Available this Friday on Netflix, Sex / Life tells the story of the complicated love life of a married woman played by Sarah Shahi. Between mother and wife, should we choose?


A woman finds herself at the heart of a love triangle between her husband and his sentimental and sexual liabilities.


With its false airs of Fifty Shades of Gray,  Sex / Life clearly has the ambition to be the new sensation of Netflix by venturing into the field of soft eroticism of “mommy porn”, an expression that appeared after the box in literary saga bookstores.

Based on the 44 Chapters About 4 Men novel by BB Easton, Sex / Life chronicles the everyday life of Billie Connelly, played by Sarah Shahi. Seen from the outside, the young woman has everything to be happy. She is married to an attractive man, played by  Mike Vogel ( Under the Dome ), but the flame between her husband and her have somewhat died down. And their intimate life does not bring him as much satisfaction as before.

To deceive boredom, Billie then escapes thanks to her diary where she puts down on paper her shameful fantasies and remembers her scorching nights with her former lovers. Because before being a tidy woman, Billie multiplied the conquests of one evening in the company of her best friend Sasha ( Margaret Odette ). She also has trouble forgetting the nights spent in the arms of Brad ( Adam Demos ) …


The series is therefore intended to tease housewives and wake up their libido. But don’t think that Sex / Life excludes the male audience. The choice of Sarah Shahi – revealed more than ten years ago in The L Word – is anything but innocent and intends to also summon men in front of this naughty series to awaken their senses.

If the plasticity of the actors and actresses is a selling point of this erotic drama, the quality of its script is much less. Designer Stacy Rukeyser built the foundations of her romance on a premise thought to be from another era. Apparently, Billie cannot thrive in her sex life as a married woman.

She’s either a bored mother or a woman with unbridled instincts. But if we are to believe his voiceover that accompanies the series, the two are irreconcilable. Above all, she suggests that being a desiring woman would make her guilty. About what? Mystery… This is yet another idea that we thought was over.

But whatever! Sex / Life is not intended to question the condition of heterosexual women within the couple. It is intended to be the guilty pleasure of summer. And we bet that the series will find its audience without difficulty.



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