How to clean a PlayStation video game disc

Continuous use of a Blu-Ray disc for consoles or PCs could cause various situations of more or less serious wear over time, such as the accumulation of dust or the appearance of some scratches on the back of the support.

In both cases, these are problems that could cause the optical reader of your console or your PC to be unable to read and then reproduce the contents of your Blu-Ray disc, thus effectively preventing you from using it. To try to solve the situation it is possible to follow some dedicated procedures, of which the one to remove scratches from the discs is perhaps the most delicate and the one with the least probability of success, which however strongly depend on the extent of the damage reported from the back of the disc. . To remove dust and dirt from the surface of a Blu-ray you can instead take advantage of some different methods that may prove to be more or less effective depending on the amount of dust and dirt on the disc.

Dust catching cloth

The first method, the simplest one, involves using a common cloth to catch the dust and wipe it gently on the surface of the disc: in this way, you will be able to easily remove the dust on it, even if all the rest of the dirt will remain. its place and will require you to use one of the following methods to be removed. Cloth of this kind can be purchased without problems in any supermarket and will require the only care to clean the disc using linear and non-circular movements, starting from the center of the disc up to the outer limit.

Damp cloth

An alternative to the dust-catching cloth is the use of a microfibre cloth moistened with simple tap water – even better would be the use of distilled water: thanks to this method you will be able to remove, in addition to dust, also any dirt and fingerprints left on the disc surface. To clean it, wipe the cloth over its surface gently but firmly, always following a linear movement from the center of the disc outwards.

Isopropyl alcohol

To carry out an even deeper cleaning, you can decide to use a solution of isopropyl alcohol mixed with hydrogen peroxide, rubbing it on the surface of the disc using a microfiber cloth and following the usual movements from the inside to the outside, never circular. In this way, you will be able to remove all the stubborn dirt residues, and you should be able to restore your Blu-Ray disc to its initial conditions, making it readable again from the console or your PC.

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