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Dark Souls Nightfall: release date of the fan sequel revealed by a new trailer

The world of modding is always in turmoil and from time to time gives birth to works that can go beyond the circle of fans to reach the attention of the general public. This is the case of Dark Souls Nightfall, a mod that we already told you about a few months ago and which is configured as a direct sequel to Dark Souls.

Well, the authors have just packed a new trailer to announce that Dark Souls Nightfall will be launched on December 21st, obviously completely free like any self-respecting mod. This fan-made sequel will continue the narrative experience of the original work starting from the ending The Dark Lord, that is, the one in which the Chosen One chooses not to bind the flame. The mod will put players in the shoes of another undead, who after awakening retrieves a pendant from the body of the lord of the ashes and then finds himself in the presence of humanity identical to that seen before the clash with Manus in the DLC Artorias of the Abyss. In addition to the new story, you can also expect novelties for the combat system and one new world map.

It has been clarified that Nightfall will be a completely single-player experience and that it will prevent the game from connecting to the internet, consequently, there will be no risk of being banned from the main servers. Also, keep in mind that it will only be compatible with Dark Souls Remastered: modders have tried to extend support for the Prepare to Die Edition, but some changes have proved so ambitious that they are not compatible with the older version of the souls.



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