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Courteney Cox: It hurt me because I wasn’t nominated for an Emmy

Courtney Cox enchanted many viewers in the role of Monica Geller, but unfortunately, she cannot claim the same for her acting colleagues. Namely, she is the only one in the cast of Friends who did not receive a nomination for the prestigious Emmy Television Awards. In a recent interview, the star said she was affected by the latter as she felt overlooked.
Actress Courteney Cox admitted in an interview with radio host Howard Stern that she was affected by the fact that she was never nominated for an Emmy Television Award for her role as Monica in the series Friends. Unlike all of her teammates, she received at least one nomination, while Jennifer Anniston and Lisa Kudrow also received a golden statuette for their roles as Rachel and Phoebe. The Emmy Awards are comparable in importance to the Oscar film award in the television world. 

Courtney said on a radio show where she guest-starred with former co-workers Jennifer and Lisa: “It always affected me when all my teammates except me were nominated. It definitely affected me. I was happy about everything, and then you said, ‘Oh, am I the only one?’ It hurt. ” 

Courteney’s acting was overlooked in the 1990s, but she received confirmation for her work later in her career. In 2010, she earned a prestigious Golden Globe nomination for her role as Jules Cobb in the series Fun Divorce. The 57-year-old actress said it cheered her up a bit: “The only thing that made me feel good because they won and received awards was a Golden Globe nomination for Fun Divorce in the first season. I want to say: ‘Oh, who cares?’ But that meant everything to me. ” 

The star went on to say that the nomination meant a lot to her precisely because she received confirmation in acting circles: “I wanted my colleagues to respect me and I know that your acting colleagues do not vote for the Golden Globes, but still it pulled a thorn out of my wound. ” The Golden Globe Film and Television Award is given by the Hollywood association of Foreign Correspondents, while the Emmys are awarded by the Television Academy, which has many actors as members.

Despite the pain of being overlooked at the Emmys, the actress said she always cheered for her ‘friends’: “I wanted them to win. But sometimes I just wanted to be involved in certain things,” she said. she sincerely acknowledged her feelings and added that to this day she still cheers for all her former teammates and is proud to watch them in the series where they perform. 

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