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Windows 11, all the main features of the new Microsoft operating system

During today‘s Windows 11 unveiling event, Microsoft revealed tons of details about the new version of the world’s most-used PC operating system. These include above all new features that will make the user experience something never tried and seen before.

The main focus remains on simplification, interconnectivity, and openness of the operating system, as explained by Panos Panay, towards the creation of an ecosystem in which the newly announced Windows 11 remains the main focus. Other key features, however, remain the extreme speed in carrying out any action, as well as greater simplicity to improve the user experience, especially in multitasking, with new commands (especially for touchscreen devices) to increase productivity.

To do all this, we also use features such as the “Snap Group”, a system that allows the user to access different groups of open apps directly from the brand new taskbar, “hooking” multiple apps together in a way that suits them. . Again, we note the “Snap Layout” that you can also see in the image at the bottom of the article, for new styles of the division of the tabs open on the screen for the maximum possible customization.

Windows 11 also allows you to connect and disconnect multiple monitors and PCs by transferring the same session between them to ensure continuity in the work that is taking place. In the same way, the management of multiple desktops is improved by offering them different styles according to their needs and tastes: work, use at home, gaming, or any setting you want, now it is possible to speed up the transition from one setup to another with very few clicks. This interconnectivity, moreover, is extremely optimized: Windows 11 will automatically adapt the entire interface according to the device on which you are working, even after switching, for example, from a fixed PC with a large monitor to a tablet.

One of the most interesting innovations concerns the so-called “Windows Widgets”, that is a series of tools in a customized feed based on artificial intelligence that can be brought to the screen with a swipe from the left (in the case of touchscreen devices, where you get the best possible experience ) and then rearrange or resize them as you wish. There will be the possibility to create and upload widgets in the special feed and, in this regard, among the same widgets, there will be one that will allow you to “tip” the creators themselves to reward them for their work.

Finally, Microsoft is also improving the “gestures” you can use on tablets and touchscreen devices as a whole. Along with that, there are improvements to inking and voice typing. With some pens, Windows 11 will also support haptic feedback. This could mean that Windows 11 will support a ton of innovative apps with endless potential in the future.

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