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Whatsapp and the Multi-Device mode: here are all the details that have emerged so far

While we look forward to trying Whatsapp’s new Multi-Device mode, the first details on operation, compatibility, and limitations of use inevitably begin to leak.

Apparently, the new mode will greatly improve the user experience of all those users who already use services such as WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop, but it could leave a bad taste in the mouth of those who expected a real revolution.

According to the source, the developers’ approach would seem much more conservative than expected. Specifically, apparently, the new mode will extend the web functionality, thus allowing to keep more stations active such as WhatsApp Web and Facebook. With the new Multi-Device function, you can keep up to 4 devices online in addition to your smartphone.

And it is precisely on smartphones that the innovative wave of WhatsApp seems to be stemming, with a limit of use that remains firmly nailed to one device at a time.

The second limitation concerns the possibility of having conversations only with users who have an updated version of the application even if, as the source suggests, there does not seem to be any further clarification as to which versions are compatible.

Fortunately, the most important of the news appears to be confirmed and concerns the possibility of maintaining the functionality of the devices associated with the smartphone even if our main device is not online. Waiting for the official release, have you already taken a look at the new graphics of WhatsApp conversations?



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