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What is Snow White’s real name? The origins of the Disney cartoon waiting for the liveaction

Before becoming Disney’s first animated feature film in 1937, Snow White was one of the most beloved and widespread fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, who wrote the tale in 1812 inspired by different aspects of Eastern European folklore, especially a figure thought to be the ” real Snow White “.

As with many other fairy tales, this one of Snow White according to many scholars should be based on real events and characters who really existed. The theories regarding Snow White’s true identity are different. In 1986, researcher Karl-Heinz Barthes claimed that the character of Snow White was inspired by Maria Sophia Margaretha Catharina von Erthal, born in the town of Lhor (said to have been the cradle of the fairy tale) in 1725, a local noble who was harassed by his father’s second wife, a prominent Lhor magistrate.

Another theory by Eckhard Sander from 1994 would instead identify Snow White as Margaretha von Waldeck, born in Brussels in 1533 and youthful love of Philip II of Spain, later killed by the secret police of the King to prevent their union from acting as an obstacle to arranged marriages of the ruling houses. And the girl was killed with poison, just like the Witch’s Apple in the Grimm’s tale.

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