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Quentin Tarantino and those problems with VHS: how many films does the director recognize?

Jimmy Kimmel knows how to have fun with his guests during his interviews and the one with Quentin Tarantino was certainly no exception. During the friendly chat, the host decided to blindfold the director and apparently managed to put him in trouble in his field.

Kimmel has in fact decided to read a series of video cassette descriptions of slightly “seasoned” films and Tarantino should have guessed the title of the film in question. Pulp Fiction’s dad wasn’t that good during this fun little show, though.

Quentin Tarantino despite being one of the most famous directors of his generation, had a hard time guessing the names of the films described by Kimmel. Although somewhat with difficulty, he managed to half- guess the name of his first videotape, Hard Bodies, he was in no way able to guess the title of Labyrinths and Monsters, the 1982 film with Tom Hanks. The director then managed to steal the plot of Dogs of Hell, even managing to remember the original title of the film or Rottweiler. Finally, he easily found The Clown Murders, one of the first films in which John Candy appears.

Meanwhile, Tarantino now seems more and more ready to give up directing, in fact, in his opinion, his career could already end with Once upon a time in … Hollywood. What do you think about it?



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