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NVIDIA Canvas, the AI-based software that makes Doodles photorealistic, is free!

In a particularly eventful moment, in which NVIDIA GPUs are starting to drop in price, we return to the software front of the green team, which has made so much attention in recent years thanks to the wonders obtained with AI and neural networks.

The latest beautiful initiative from NVIDIA concerns the release of the Canvas tool, a tool capable of transforming simple brushstrokes into exceptional works of photorealism thanks to AI.

NVIDIA Canvas allows you to choose different themes for the background, which will then become our landscape, starting from simple shapes on the screen. In this way, we will see our sketches transformed into mountains, clouds, oceans, or beaches.

The elements you can choose from are 15, while the available environments are 9. The final result can then be imported into other professional and non-professional suites, for the final touches. In particular, in Photoshop it will even be possible to manage the various elements as separate layers, to help the user move or resize them.

Canvas is available as a free download and in the Beta phase of its development. It can be downloaded from the official website, the link of which will be available at the source. As for compatibility, 1.1GB of disk space is sufficient, while it will be essential to rely on RTX GPUs, whether consumer or professional, therefore GeForce, Titan, or Quadro, with Windows 10 operating system and Game Ready drivers updated at least to the version. 460.89.

To learn a little more about NVIDIA ‘s outstanding work with artificial intelligence, we suggest you check out our special on the history and evolution of DLSS.

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