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PS5: how do you connect a second DualSense controller?

You have your shiny PlayStation 5 at home and you want to play local multiplayer with a friend, connecting a second DualSense controller to your console to start a game with friends. Do you know how to pair another DualSense with your system?

At first glance, it might not seem like such an immediate practice, but instead, just follow a few simple steps to allow your PS5 to recognize a second or more DualSense wirelessly. First of all, the second pad to be paired must be turned off when starting the connection. Once you have verified this, with your controller already paired navigate in the PS5 main menu until you reach the Settings: from here go to the Accessories item and click on General, where the Bluetooth item should then appear. The last item of your interest will appear called Accessories again.

At this point, it is time to connect the second DualSense: press and hold the Create and PS buttons on it at the same time, then reuse the first controller to select the second pad displayed on the screen. If everything has been done correctly, at this point both DualSense will be connected to your PS5 and it will be possible to play with another user locally. Repeat the same procedure if you want to associate more DualSense and that’s it.

Soon the next-gen console should become easier to find: Sony aims to increase PS5 production to sell 22 million units a year starting next fiscal year. In addition, the upcoming PS5 firmware update will bring many improvements to the console.



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