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Hideo Kojima shoots new scenes and fans immediately think of Silent Hill

Hideo Kojima is one of the most talked-about characters of the last few weeks within the videogame industry. In addition to having surprisingly presented Death Stranding Director’s Cut with a rather anomalous trailer, the Japanese author was insistently approached to the name of Abandoned, according to many the new project of the Silent Hill series.

Ayako Terashima, Kojima’s personal assistant, photographed Metal Gear Solid’s dad while he was shooting new scenes. Unfortunately, the tweet you find below does not reveal anything about the nature of the project on which the famous director is committed.

One of the most plausible theories leads us in the direction of Death Stranding Director’s Cut: the open world will return to PlayStation 5 with an updated version enriched with new content, and it is likely that Kojima is working on the integration of new scenes.

However, some have invariably unearthed a possible quote in Silent Hill. As you can see through the image, Kojima is portrayed holding a particular cup with a carousel-shaped lid in his hand. Some users have immediately traveled with the imagination and have reconnected everything to the ride of Silent Hill 3. Perhaps, of all the theories made in recent days regarding Kojima’s involvement in Abandoned, this is one of the most forced.

Of course, it is not excluded that Kojima is working on something completely new and never presented to the public, which may even have nothing to do with the world of gaming. Meanwhile, we are waiting for an in-depth study on Death Stranding Director’s Cut, expected “a few weeks” away from the reveal of the Summer Game Fest.



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