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Call of Duty Warzone: how to unlock the Nail Gun for free, even in Cold War

A few hours after the debut of Season 4 of Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, a new free weapon has arrived that is not part of the Season Pass and which, like all the shooter’s death tools, can be unlocked simply by completing a mission.

The weapon in question is the Nail Gun, a particular tool that is part of the “Special” category and is characterized by a slow fire with high-speed bullets fired by compressed air. This weapon is perfect for those who love close-range combat, as the high damage allows you to take out the enemy with a few bullets. Like all the missions of Season 4 and previous ones, even those that are used to unlock the Nail Gun can be completed both in classic multiplayer and in Zombies and, of course, the objective varies according to the reference model.

Here are the two versions of the challenge:

Multiplayer: “Get 5 kills using special weapons in 15 different completed games” – Reward: 1,000 XP

If you want to complete the challenge in classic multiplayer, then you need to create a custom class that includes one of the special weapons currently available in Black Ops Cold War ( M79 Grenade Launcher, Shadow Hunter Crossbow R1, or Ballistic Knife ) and eliminates at least five opponents in the course of a match 15 times. This is not a particularly complex challenge and the easiest way to complete it is, as always, to take advantage of the presence of 24/7 playlists set in small maps like Nuketown, to take advantage of the chaos that occurs in some places on the map to eliminate small groups. of enemies without much effort.

Zombies: “Get 25 kills using special weapons in 12 different completed regions in Outbreak” – Reward: 1,000 XP

If you don’t like playing classic multiplayer you can complete the version of the challenge designed specifically for Zombies mode, which does not require particular efforts but just a little patience. To complete the challenge you must start matches in Epidemic mode and, using any special weapon, eliminate 25 enemies and move on to the next region or ask for the extraction 12 times. No matter how far you progress in the game, you could also start 12 different games and always get to the second region, to simplify the challenge as much as possible. The best weapon with which to complete the assignment is perhaps the Ballistic Knife, whose damage is particularly high and allows you to eliminate enemies both at close and at long range.

As with all weapons, even in this case, the laziest players can circumvent the mission by purchasing any bundle in the game store which contains at least one project of the Nail Gun, thanks to which the weapon is unlocked immediately. It should also be noted that at the moment it is not possible to unlock or use the Nail Gun in Warzone, but like all the other weapons published before in Black Ops Cold War, this will also arrive in the battle royale only at a later time.



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