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Abandoned, NUARE collaborates on the project: the studio worked on TLOU2 and Ghost of Tsushima

Through a new post published on its Twitter account, Blue Box Studios has announced that it has partnered with the guys from NUARE. It is an outsourced development house that will contribute to the development of the controversial and mysterious Abandoned.

In the past few hours, the now infamous Hasan Karhaman has published a video in which he has shown that he is a real person and, above all, that he does not correspond to the identity of Hideo Kojima, a name that has been insistently associated with the Abandoned project. Karhaman later stated that Blue Box was partnering with some outside studios that would help with making the horror game.

The developer now brings us proof of what has been declared: here is NUARE, a company of developers who work in outsourcing, confirms that it is committed to providing Blue Box with high-quality assets to be used within Abandoned. Interestingly, the NUARE representative begins by confirming that the company in question exists and is made up of real people :

“Hasan recently asked us to shoot a short introductory video about NUARE to explain our role in the project. We are all real people with names who are working hard to give you the best experience possible, so here we are. Nuare is a company of over 70 gaming industry professionals working hard on various AAA titles and with large corporations, some of which can be found on our website. Our goal as a company is to create the best possible art assets for our partners

Indeed, by jumping on the NUARE website, we discover how the studio has collaborated with large video game companies on ambitious triple-A projects, including Marvel’s Avengers, Halo InfiniteGhost of TsushimaThe Last of Us Part 2, and Death Stranding.

Abandoned was born as an independent project, but it seems that Blue Box wants to do things big for its title … Or behind all this is the name of Silent Hil really hidden? To find out everything about the game we just have to wait for Friday 25 June, when the new trailer of the game will finally be shown via the app for PS5 .

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