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The Green Knight, a new video explains the legend behind David Lowery’s film

The Green Knight, the new film by David Lowery, is certainly not based on a character particularly well-known to the general public: someone, therefore, could feel a bit bewildered in approaching a story and characters whose roots, instead, date back to quite a few centuries ago.

After having piqued everyone’s curiosity thanks to the splendid trailer for The Green Knight, therefore, the production of the new film with Dev Patel and Alicia Vikander has decided to lend a hand to potential viewers totally unaware of the story of Sir Gawain.

Rather than limiting himself to a new teaser or the current TV commercial, therefore, A24 has published a video to explain in a few minutes the legend from which the director of A Ghost Story has decided to draw his new, highly anticipated film.

The clip provides us with all the essential information on the legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, also dwelling on details that could intrigue many viewers, such as the well-known link between our story and JRR Tolkien, who first managed to translate it into current English by contributing decisively for its diffusion.

Did you find this video useful? Let us know in the comments! Some time ago, meanwhile, it was confirmed that The Green Knight will be Rated-R.



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