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Forspoken for PS5 and PC: Square Enix on the potential of AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution

AMD has launched FidelityFX Super Resolution (to find out more here is our in-depth study on AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution technology ) and for the occasion involved a series of partners including Square Enix, with the Japanese publisher returning to talk about Forspoken, ex Project Asia.

Takeshi Aramaki (producer and general manager of Luminous Productions) spoke on the video to talk about the technical improvements made possible by the adoption of FidelityFX Super Resolution on PC, the game producer praises the philosophy behind the latest AMD technologies and reiterates ” look forward to players getting their hands on Forspoken to see next-gen graphics made possible by FidelityFX Super Resolution technology. “

In the video, Aramaki says he ” wants to give life to the open-world game with the best graphics ever “, an ambitious goal that Takeshi and his studio will try to achieve to offer players a very high-quality product.

Forspoken is coming to PC and PlayStation 5 as an exclusive console until 2024the game will be released in 2022 and will remain an exclusive PS5 console for two years from launch, it is not said that the title will necessarily arrive on other platforms. The first presentations did not struggle to win over the public, we will surely know more over the next few months.



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