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Fast & Furious 9, John Cena: “The Fast Family Really Exists”

The new chapter of Fast & Furious will also feature ex-WWE Champion John Cena, who has only fine words to describe his experience in the famous saga, on and off the set.

It’s not long before Fast & Furious 9 – The Fast Saga hits theaters, and the cast is currently on the film’s promotional press tour.

Among these is also the new addition John Cena, who in the film will play Jakob Torettobrother of Dom (Vin Diesel), and who revealed to Collider’s microphones what was the most surprising aspect of acting in the popular saga.

” The Fast Family really exists! ” Declared the actor enthusiastically. ” I have wonderful memories of the time I spent with them, especially as the world has found itself in this situation of unexpected closure. Spending time with them is really like the barbecues we see in the movies: we drink, we eat, we talk about everything and more, and not just about the projects we are working on, such as the difficulties, joys, and sorrows of life … Our stories. It’s really fantastic “.

” The rest is something that can be expected: a monumental production that makes the impossible possible, and it is truly a unique experience from this point of view ” he continued ” But the thing that has the most value for me is the camaraderie among the people on the set “.

And regarding his future in the saga, Cena said, ” I don’t know anything about it, just the way I like it. I don’t like being involved in a process that shouldn’t concern me. Vin is the beating heart of the franchise and Justin at the helm of the next film, they have to do what’s best for them “

” I told them very directly that I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, and that if the future of the saga does not include my presence, it will take nothing away from my experience and my enthusiasm for it. They must do what it is. better for the film, not for me, “he concluded.

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