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Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance: useful tricks to start playing

Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance is available: the new and adrenaline-fueled hack & slash Action / RPG offers cooperative adventures for up to four players with the possibility of being able to play alone and face the pitfalls of Icewind Dale relying only on their skills.

If you are ready to go on an adventure, here are some useful tips and tricks to get you off to a good start and not be caught unprepared for the first pitfalls:

Unity is strength

Although it can be played in a single-player, Dark Alliance is designed to perform at its best in cooperative multiplayer. And there are valid reasons: playing together with other users allows you to activate Team Attacks after performing specific moves in combat. These special actions allow you to have greater control of the battlefield, more easily repelling enemy hordes.

Know your character

The four playable characters are distinct from each other in terms of characteristics and abilities. Drizzt is a very useful ranger for running around enemies and inflicting powerful blows from behind; Catti-Brie is a fighter and can inflict serious damage even from long distances; Wulfgar is a barbarian able to inflict huge damage with each hit at the expense of a slower movement; Bruenor is finally another fighter who proves to be very effective in close combat against multiple opponents.

Don’t attack haphazardly

Although Dark Alliance’s combat system leaves no room for particular strategies, attacking randomly and pressing the same button in bulk is the fastest way to a tough defeat. The shots must therefore be carefully measured and directed in a specific direction to always have the enemies in front of us under control.

Explore the surroundings well

Exploration also plays an important role in the game: it is essential to take some time to carefully sift through every corner of the scenarios, including those dead ends which, however, could hide precious treasures and equipment useful for the continuation. of our mission. Sometimes they could also lead to optional objectives with an additional dose of experience points once completed.

Base camp is everything

All tools and equipment found during a mission, as well as accumulated experience, become effective once you return to the base camp located in Kelvin’s Cairn. At the camp it will then be possible to juggle with the inventory, equipping more efficient tools and learning new skills, and enhancing our various parameters. All this can be done once you have completed a level and returned home safely.

Don’t throw your equipment away

Although in the long run you will find more and more efficient resources and you will want to get rid of the previous equipment, it might be a good idea to do the opposite. In fact, equipping three pieces of the same set (consisting of weapons, armor, and accessories) allows you to enable special bonuses that can enhance various parameters, from damage inflicted to resistance. Often this is more useful than simply equipping a stronger piece which, however, alone may not make a difference and certainly not activate such bonuses.

Buy new moves

Never forget to buy new moves for your character through the game menu: you will make him more efficient and versatile in combat thanks to the greater variety of skills at his disposal. This also makes it ready for challenges against more fearsome creatures than those of the early stages, so it is good to spend the coins accumulated for these very useful improvements.

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