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Steven Spielberg, a Jaws reboot coming? Universal’s crazy idea!

Steven Spielberg’s Jaws is considered one of the best movies of all time and, along with George Lucas’ Star Wars, helped revive the Hollywood box office setting the stage for the blockbuster era as we know it today.

The commercial value of the franchise has also been asserted in several sequels, but now that Amblin has signed a production agreement with Netflix, according to Deadline, Universal has contacted Spielberg for a return to the saga of The SharkAs we read in the Hollywood magazine: ” Deadline recently heard that Universal took up The Jaws topic, proposing a reboot of the Spielberg classic, with the director involved in a producer role, but the answer was a decided no. Some at Universal and Amblin have said that this was not a recent conversation and that the idea would have sprung up some time ago. “

To date, none of Steven Spielberg’s films have ever been re-booted, so although the categorical ‘no’ to Universal may not be particularly surprising news, sure many fans will be happy to know that the director is still very protective of him of his legacy. Meanwhile, after giving up directing Indiana Jones 5 and waiting to present the remake of West Side Story to the world, due out by the end of 2021, Spielberg is preparing for the making of his new film, a biopic about his childhood.

As for the future of Amblin in collaboration with Universal, in addition to Jurassic World: Dominion due out in 2022, we will have to wait for future updates.



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